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Who we are

Using accurate research and market analysis, we take the complexity and noise out of the grain market.  We tailor our grain marketing advice to your personal requirements, setting reasonable personal targets to increase profitability but also reduce risk. Opinions are great, but we use the data!

Who you are

We adapt our grain marketing services to meet your needs within the grain industry. Whether you are a corporate business looking to improve business strategies, a farmer who grows grain or dairy farmer looking to lower your outgoing costs, we have a solution for you. Through market analysis we aim to reduce cost, reduce risk and thus improve your margins.


About Lachstock

Minimise your risk whilst maximising your return

Lachstock was founded in 2007 a result of the deregulation of the grain market. The grain market experienced changes to procurement, distribution, product release and an increase in grain price volatility. With more participants and products hitting the market the buying and selling of grain became a complex process.

Lachstock uses analytical research rather than a salesperson with a silver tongue. Taking the complexity and noise out of the market whilst tailoring our advice to your personal requirements. We analyse the prior data and set reasonable personal targets to increase profitability but also reduce risk.

Lachstock Consulting holds an AFSL #320 562 to provide advice to wholesale clients on derivatives and foreign exchange.

Lachstock provides services to both corporate clients and farmers. Tailoring our solutions to your needs.


Example Canola Supply & Demand Report


7th February 2020


The SA and VIC export pace continues to out-strip our production forecasts. As a result we have revised SA up by 60kmt (mainly on the Eyre Peninsula) and VIC is 20kmt higher to 670kmt. In SA we have already seen 113kmt hit the stem on the EP and 82kmt in Adelaide, plus we need around 110kmt of interstate movements. For VIC we have another 30kmt lined up in Portland zone, likely a China vessel.

WA old crop shipment pace remains strong also, with 760kmt of 1.1mmt already shipped or on the stem. We have seen 50kmt of the 130kmt transshipments also make the stem.

Into the 20/21 season, there is a general trend to lower canola acres in this coming season. Whilst its still early and farmers are now only just doing the draft cut on planting intentions, its showing a swing away.

In NSW the run of poor seasons and poor oil content is forcing the hand somewhat, with growers requiring a bankable return this season ahead. With grain prices where they are and the lower risk with production for many parts of the state, we will see less canola than normal. In the southern areas there are some farmers reporting that recent late breaks which have forced them into wheat and barley in recent years, means there is some rotation pressure and in those localised regions we could see higher canola area. However, across the board we see NSW area down 15% to the 5 year average.

In VIC there is more competition coming from faba beans and wheat, at the expense of specialty canola varieties. We see this switch in southern VIC being in the order of 10% with farmers seeing stunning returns from faba beans in the last two years, thanks to…..

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