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Agribusiness comprises of a diverse mix of consumer, trading, exporter, transport and banking corporations along with numerous government groups, which all face a unique group of challenges and opportunities to contend with.  

Lachstock specialises in helping all Agribusiness corporates to take an objective, research and analytical approach to achieve its objectives.  

Whether it is providing market intell and research, to helping identify opportunities in an existing business unit, developing product solutions for new business, providing reporting functions for operations or board reports, we can tailor a service to suit your business requirements.

Can I protect against lower freight rates? How do I better forecast the crop? How much grain will Australia Export? When will farmers start selling? What is the best price being paid? Contact Lachstock to find out more. How do I increase my Milk supply? Are dairy farmers interested in a fixed price for milk? What is the forecast Milk production? How can I manage the price risk if I offer a fixed price for milk? What is China demand next year going to be? Call Lachstock. How do we develop a new product solution? Can you provide a Risk Management Plan and Risk Assessment document? Can you map the process for our Agribusiness? Can you conduct stakeholder analysis? Click here. SME looking to consolidate, acquire, improve productivity? Try Berkstock How can I better manage my feedlot margins? Where can I get access to export cuts? What is the forecast supply of cattle in my region? Where can I hedge price risk? What is the price of beef in local Asian markets? Ask Lachstock. How do I dynamically manage the currency exposure on my export sales? Where can I get better supply into my facility? How do I better manage the logistics in my operation? Enquire now with Lachstock. Where is wool supply expected to be next year? What options do I have to manage my currency exposure into the export market? Contact Lachstock. Do I have to link my pork price to the farmers cost of production? How do I help my pork supplier improve their efficiency and cost of production? Try Lachstock. How can I hedge components of my stockfeed ration with my supplier? What is the price of protein meal?