Commodity Services


Personalised advice to ensure relevance to your business and commodity needs

  • Designated client advisor

  • Grain marketing strategies

  • Tailored advice – marketing, position, risk management

  • Hedging advice (Lachstock is the holder of an AFSL license)

  • Commodity management and transferring

  • Agricultural supply chain strategies and logistics guidance


Recognised expertise in commodity research and advice around global supply and demand

  • Daily market update

  • Global and domestic supply and demand

  • Futures markets insight

  • Local area pricing

  • Shipping stem reporting

  • Rainfall analysis

Lachstock provides up to date insight into what is driving price in the commodity market

Grain Logistics

Individualised service to assist with your management, price risk and stock reconciliation

  • Commodity reconciliation & management

  • Cashflow summaries

  • Brokers notes

  • Position reporting

  • Freight and logistics assistance

  • Bulk storage reconciliation

  • Contract transfer administration

Dairy Services

In addition to grower services, Lachstock has a dairy division which is dedicated to consumer specific risk minimisation and supply chain solutions

  • Milk contracting planning and advice

  • Grain consumer specific service

  • Agricultural supply chain strategies

  • Forward risk minimisation planning

  • Logistical guidance

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