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Farm Grain Marketing

  • Focus on developing a whole farm marketing plan that incorporates business objectives, historical production, yield variability, gross margins and business structure, using objective KPI’s that allow us to assess price in the eyes of the business performance not as an emotive speculator trying to pick the tops and bottoms of the price cycles.
  • Dynamic portfolio management and market updates via an online members portal, where all trades, mark-to-markets and positions are readily available to clients.
  • Access to national and local grain market information via a complementary weekly and monthly newsletter and our own grain price text message service.
  • Market monitoring and cash brokerage.

Farm Grain Portfolio & Business Management

Ever had a contract that has slipped through your paper work trail, or a contract that a buyer says doesn’t exist or gone to outload a silo and realised the grain is a different grade or quality to that you remembered?  Portfolio management is a crucial part of grain marketing.  Ensuring that your grain position is accurate and regularly monitored ensures that these errors and discrepancies do not occur in your business.  Portfolio management also encourages you to regularly re-evaluate whether your current position suits your marketing plan at different times of the growing season and acts as an excellent quick and easy summary of what assets you have left to sell and what cashflow it would generate.  On top of this, automated monthly trade reports are delivered directly to your e-mail, helping remind you of your current trade activity.

But what is a good price for you? How can we take the emotion out of price movements and determine whether a price is good for your business?  We calculate target prices that are tailored to your unique situation.  Using your business information (eg. input costs, overheads, asset value, level of debt) the we calculates a price for each commodity that gives a good return for your business.  This looks at performance, profitability and liquidity and aims to give a desired return on asset.  You can use these numbers as a guide to indicate what price you should be selling your grain at. 


Daily, Weekly & Monthly Market Reports

Lachstock Consulting produce a daily market wrap which can be accessed on the home page and this provides a snapshot of what occurred on the overnight markets. 

We also produce a fortnightly newsletter that is available upon subscription.

To view these reports, request a free trial.

Text Message Service

Two daily messages are available, including a snapshot of what occurred on the overnight futures market as well as prices of commodities for your particular port zone.


  • Risk management, strategy and market research services.
  • Suitable for clients who are temporarily short staffed, are not necessarily in the market for employing a full-time resource or would like an external and independent market or business opinion.